PivotPerfect Dance Sock

$29.95 inc. GST


Introducing PivotPerfect™ Dance Socks specifically engineered with graduated compression technology for dancers.

Why you’ll love it:

  • Experience better control and smoother turns with a wide toe area for natural splay to enhance alignment and balance.
  • Our graduated compression technology  ( Firm: 20-30 mmHg ) promotes better circulation, aiding in quicker recovery, reduced muscle fatigue and helps minimise the risk of dance-related injuries.
  • Crafted to provide the utmost comfort, these socks support you through rigorous dance routines.
  • The turn pad is designed for low friction, enabling smoother and more precise turns. Added for exact controlled rotation, silicon spots offer extra grip where you need it the most.
  • Made with longevity in mind, these socks are suitable for various dance forms including ballet, jazz, and contemporary.
  • Proudly designed in Australia.
  • Left and Right : For optimal comfort and performance the longer strip of silicon dots should be positioned on the outside of your foot.


Size Guide

  • XSml: Womens Shoe 2-5
  • Sml: Womens Shoe 5-7
  • Med: Womens Shoe 7-9 & Mens Shoe 5.5-8
  • Lge: Womens Shoe 9-11 & Mens Shoe 8-10.5
  • XLge: Mens Shoe 11+