Broadway Hi Character Shoes

$119.95 inc. GST


Whether standing, dancing or working through demi, the Broadway Hi is the perfect 76mm (3 inch) chorus and stage shoe. Soft synthetic leather and cushioned lining offer comfort during class, performance and long rehearsals. A strong heel with reinforced shank gives support and optimum stability.

  • Slim line ankle strap with buckle – A firmer fit for either low or high insteps
  • Strong heel counter – Holds the foot for stability
  • Kashmir lining – Comfort and moisture reduction
  • Cushioned insole – For comfort and shock absorption
  • Stitched and scored leather forefoot outsole – Creates a suitable surface for stage and chorus work
  • Non-slip rubber forefoot pad included – Can be attached for additional grip
  • 76mm (3 inch) Heel – An appealing leg line
  • Reinforced shank – Gives extra support and strength


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